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Goran's BIG Dig
Goran's BIG Dig

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980 days ago, Goran created this page and gave everything for Camp Quality:

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My Story

I've created this page because I want to make a difference.

I'm inspired by the work of ‘Camp Quality & Radio Lollipop’ and wanted to support them by raising money as part of my participation in Community Fundraising Perth.

On Wednesday 23rd Nov 2016 I will be attempting to set a world record in digging a trench by hand (with a shovel) over a period of 24 hrs. Once the trench is completed I will hand haul a piece of electrical cable to mark the end of the challenge.

The inspiration to dig a trench, came from the hard work people did in constructing the world we live in today. In the old days most of the construction work was done by hand. I would like to remind us that in the past there was no mechanical means to excavate a trench, and it was all blood, sweat and tears.

All proceeds will go to the children’s charities Camp Quality and Radio Lollipop.

I came across ‘Camp Quality’ through a dear friend of mine who is part of the CQ leadership team. Some of the stories he shared with me touched my heart so I decided that I must do something to help this great cause. On the other side I have in past supported Radio Lollipop which also put smiles on kids’ faces by doing some amasing entertainment in many hospitals across Australia and the World.

My heart goes out to all the parents and kids going through the unimaginable though times with such bravery, optimism and resilience. Finding the will to celebrate every moment in life more than most of us. I want to contribute to all these heroes in our community making their life just a tiny bit better through the great work Camp Quality & Radio Lollipop provide for them.

I like to challenge myself, push the envelope and I like to help the great team at ‘Camp Quality’.

The more people that know about Camp Quality and Radio Lollipop, the greater their impact, so please spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family.

If you would like to jump on board and be part of this please contact me direct goran@mgcs.com.au or 0439 647 365.

Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot.

Also thanks for everyone that is already involved MGC Solutions, NECA WA, Reilly Contractors WA, First Medical Response WA, Metanoia Life Coaching, GoCanvas Australia/US and everyone working on the event in the background.

Take care and have a great day and please get behind me on this one.

Available Sponsorship Packages:

Bronze $500
Silver $1000
Gold $2000
Platinum $3000

Two great charities, One Team, One Challenge = Happy Kids!

Camp Quality: https://fundraising-perth.everydayhero.com/au/goran-1

Radio Lollipop: https://give.everydayhero.com/au/goran-s-big-dig

My personal story.

We all come from different walks of life and we see the world in our unique personal way. All of us have a story to tell.

I arrived in Australia on 28th Dec 1998 on a refugee visa after the civil war in the Balkan Region Eastern Europe. Throughout my life I bounced back from many challenges that came my way.

I am grateful for all of my problems. After each one was overcome, I became stronger and more able to meet those challenges that were still to come. I grew in all my difficulties and I live in hope that my story can inspire youth in difficult times.

I was born in Yugoslavia. ,

To be precise Croatia but I am Serbian.

Further on explained;

1983 My very first memory is of me being at day care in my hometown of Lipik.

1991 My dad past away from brain tumor, and I watched him die from a horrible illness, and those pictures still come back to me, from time to time.

1991 The civil war started and my mum and me left our home to seek refuge in the neighboring republics, three days after my dad was buried never to return home again.

1991 Running away from the war zone with thousands of other refugees with only my mum by my side and small bag with everything we had. I will never forget the fear I saw in her eyes while she assured me that everything will be ok. We all knew that the world we lived in will never be the same.

1993 Made first money by myself, from selling military relics to Canadian UN forces. Learned a bit of English.

1993 Going through massive piles of clothes from Red Cross, looking for something that would fit. Found a pair of green basketball sneakers few sizes bigger. I wore them for the next few years, changing schools and accommodation frequently with hope we will soon return home. Deep down I knew this was only a dream giving us some purpose to keep going.

1993 I started my apprenticeship as a glazier in Bosnia.

1995 I saw a lifeless body head down floating in the River of Sava. It was just a cruel reminder of what war brings to people. Sometimes its still floats past me in my dreams and I wonder about the family affected by this great tragedy. I never spoke to anyone about it.

1995 One of the soldiers leaving the war area left me his AK47 to look after. During the years without electricity I used this gun the same way kids these days play with iPads. Pulling it apart and putting it back together (timed) under a candle light became my game.

1996 As far as I remember we finally saw the end of the civil war but it never left me emotionally.

1997 Completed high school as a ‘Final Wood Processing Technician’.

1998 Because of the civil war my mum and me migrated to Australia as refugees. Came here with limited English and no family nor friends to start a brand new life.

1999 Study by day at Central Tafe work by night at Plakas making kebabs. Most days I was woken up on the doorstep of my classroom by my first real mentor Charles Dornan. He saw something in me but he didn't know what it was.

2000 Got my drivers licence and the first car.

2000 Started working in Leonora as a pit tech. I struggled to fit in but I tried really hard.(Charles Dornan recommended me for the job to Bob Love the chief Geologist for Tarmoola Operations).

2001 I just felt lonely thinking I’ll never make it but for some reason something kept me going.

2002 Became all round operator, met some great people who helped me pull through. Big thanks to Ab Gillett and the rest of the crew.

2002 I bought my very first house in Hamilton Hill. I started feeling confident and happy with how much I had achieved in such a short time here in Australia. I felt and still feel very grateful for having the opportunity to live in such a beautiful country.

2003 I got married to the love of my life Svetlana, my Macedonian Princess. She saw something in me but she didn't know what it was. (She might be still looking for it).

2003 Finished FIFO in Leonora so my wife and me can start building a life together in Perth.

2003 Got a job in Spud Shed just so I can make ends meet, while looking for a job in construction.

2004 Started working in construction utilities industry. I love the industry. Pete Rowles thanks for giving me an opportunity to grow.

2005 As an excavator operator I damaged a 160 MP gas main in Kwinana. I didn't follow the 4Ps (Plan, Pothole, Protect and Proceed). The main was also on the DBYD plans, so there was no excuse for the accident.

2006 Pressure tested first gas pipeline.

2006 My wife and me took a month of work to travel Europe. Some of the things we did and experienced that left an impression on me personally are: standing on the grave of Julius Caesar, walking the Acropolis, being in awe with Michelangelo Sistine Chapel ceiling artwork and watching Moulin Rouge in Paris.

2007 My wife and me were so excited with the birth or our first daughter Tiana. It was love at first sight for both of us. Our lives changed forever. With my wife’s’ immense support and belief in my ability to succeed I was determined more than ever now, to develop and advance in my career in order to provide my family the lifestyle we desired.

2007 Became a crew leader in civil construction industry - utilities.

2007 Second Amature Boxing Season WA 6 matches W1 L5 (middle weight class).

2008 Became a Supervisor, and shortly after Technical Trainer.

2008 We decided to move from south to north of the river and build our first house together. Few months later we moved into our brand new beautiful home.

2009 Met an Irish mate that always has time for me and also backs up all my ventures no matter how crazy they are. Its a privilege to know you Mike Reilly. Thanks mate.

2009 Mike promoted me to Training Manager.

2009 Our second daughter Lara was born and welcomed into our family.

2010 Met two great people Chris and Mark in the red Pilbara dust. We are now family and business partners.

2011 Met the most influential man in my life, he mentored me to be a better father, husband and leader. Tim Abrahams thanks for everything. You are a great man.

2011 Tim promoted me to Business Improvement Manager.

2012 We were delighted to welcome our son Filip into our family.

2013 At average 6 domestic flights a month. 12 month hands on crash course in Businesses Development.

2014 Bucket list visit to Serbian trumpet festival GUCA

2014 Graduated with a Bachelor of Business (Management) at ECU. I feel like I owed that to my parents.

2014 Fight for Kids raised over $11,000.00. It was great to give and prove I still have some fire in my belly.

2014 Promoted to Risk and Compliance Manager.

2015 In June, after 11 years of service my position got redundant. I felt like my world collapsed but I was grateful that I had the opportunity to work and network with fantastic, ambitious and inspiring individuals along the way.

2015 July Started BI Global 13 Business Improvement Consultancy.

2016 Started new partnership with two exceptional people and our venture MGC Solutions currently 40 employees and growing. They see something in me but I don't think they don't know what it is.

2016 MGC wins first industry award. NECA Excellence Awards 2016 - Voice and Data Category.

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